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Man who shot at police during Missoula standoff sentenced

MISSOULA - A Missoula man who shot at police during a 20-hour standoff learned his fate Tuesday morning - and will spend five years custody in the Montana Department of Corrections. Jason Kirchner was sentenced in Missoula District Tuesday for shooting at police multiple times from his Cooley Street trailer home during a 20-hour standoff last September. No one was injured. Kirchner appeared before Judge Robert Deschamps on one count of felony assault with a weapon and one count of felony criminal mischief. Defense Attorney Craig Shannon argued for a community based treatment program for Kirchner due to his mental health and meth-addiction issues, but Prosecutor Jason Marks said his criminal conduct called for a more secure facility. Before sentencing, Kirchner said he was ashamed of himself and asked to be allowed to get help for his addiction. "I'd ask that you allow me to go to treatment and to let me prove myself, that I'm committed to recovering," said Kirchner. "I don't want to live like this, I don't want to have my freedom taken away again, you know?" Judge Deschamps told Kirchner he wasn't just a person with drug and mental health problems. "You're also a person who fires repeatedly gunshots at the police officers," said Judge Deschamps. "And I take extraordinarily dim views of people who shoot at other people." Deschamps sentenced Kirchner to 20 years with 15 suspended at the Montana Department of Corrections for the first count of assault with a weapon, and to 10 more years with five suspended for the second count of felony criminal mischief. Both sentences will run concurrently. The DOC will decide whether to place Kirchner in a treatment program or to remand him to prison. @@@breakpoint@@@@@@breakpoint@@@Meanwhile, a drug-related case

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