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Jun 30, 2014 9:52 AM by Anna Cole - KAJ News

Antique boats visit Whitefish Lake

WHITEFISH - Whitefish Lake went back over the weekend with antique and wooden boats taking to the water at the Whitefish Woody Weekend.

"My boat's name is Solitzzare, which means...to entertain and have fun - which is exactly what my boat does," Tom Sutter said.

As did the rest of the boats on Sunday morning for the final day of the Whitefish Woody Weekend. The last event of the weekend got all the boats involved in a competition of sorts.

The boats took off at staggered starts throughout Sunday morning. Obsession, a 1990 Hacker Craft wood boat captained by Jim Baleo - and some helpers - took off in the 13th spot.

Baleo's grandson Dylan was in charge of navigation while granddaughter Halley took care of the most precious cargo - the cards.

The first stop was no problem - cards secured, so it was onto the next location This time, there was a puzzle to unscramble to find the clue to the next stop - this was more of a challenge.

But the puzzle was unscrambled, and it was on to the next dock.By the end of the poker run, boats unscrambled the clues to five docks, and gathered enough cards to make a poker hand.

But really, the Whitefish Woody Weekend is about a shared passion for antique and classic boats.

"There's a guy here who's had a boat that was bought in 1928 by his dad...and they've kept the boat in the family. You know, everybody's got a story, and it's just a really, really great crew of people," Sutter pointed out.

This is the biggest year yet for the event, with 36 classic wood boats from across the Northwestern United States and Canada making the trip to Whitefish.


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