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Jan 27, 2013 10:33 PM by MTN News

Baucus seeks aid for ranchers, farmers affected by disaster

WASHINGTON, DC - Senator Max Baucus (D-Montana) introduced a bill into Congress that aims to provide aid to ranchers across the country and especially Montana ranchers.

Baucus' bill would extend the agricultural disaster assistance programs, which were left out of the Farm Bill extension. Baucus said this bill is the right thing for ranchers and Montana jobs.

"We've suffered our biggest drought in 50 years, these last couple years," he said. "And pasture land burnt up with forest fires. If there's anything we need to do it'd be sure that we get disaster assistance passed so our Montana ranchers can get back in business."

Extended programs would include the: Livestock Indemnity Program, The Livestock Forage Program and Emergency Livestock Assistance Program.

The indemnity program would reimburse ranchers for 65% of lost value in animals due to disasters.

The Livestock Forage Program would help ranchers whose livestock were unable to maintain health due to drought and fire damage on land. The emergency program would compensate farmers and producers for disaster damages not included in other programs.


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