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Feb 9, 2010 2:14 PM by Breanna Roy

Breanna's Basket: Prices drop in February

MISSOULA - This month we're seeing a slight shift in our cost of living at the gas pumps and in the grocery stores, and it's in our favor as consumers as we found out in the February edition of Breanna's Basket.

It's good news for us to see prices dropping, and that was the trend from last month to this month. But get your groceries while you can, because we could see some increases on the horizon.

This month just two items out of our 12 went up in price, while the rest dropped or stayed the same. Escalating is our Folgers House Blend Coffee, which cost us an average of 16 cents more, jumping from $8.59 to $8.75. And while our two pound block of cheddar cheese is still on sale, it cost us three cents more.

The juiciest deal this month came with our half gallon of Minute Maid orange juice, which cost us $3.11, down 50 cents from our average price last month. Also worth noting, lettuce cost us nine cents less this month at a $1.24, while ground beef is down six cents ringing up at $3.79.

Even gas is a little cheaper so far this month. We're paying an average of 2.64 a gallon in Missoula, which is five cents less than the state average of $2.69, while the national average is at $2.67, which is down four cents this month. But, unfortunately, national predictions expect that trend to reverse next month.

Still, our total basket of goods cost us $54.17 in February, 86 cents less than what we paid in January.

Of course many of your baskets were probably full of a few extra items this week to stock up for those Superbowl parties, but it's good to know the bulk of our staple items did go down in price.


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