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Nov 29, 2011 8:23 AM by CBS News

CBS: 2 wills surface for deceased MT copper heiress

CBS news reports that months after Montana copper mining heiress Huguette Clark died in New York comes a big surprise: a will in which she leaves almost everything to her family - and a second will in which they get nothing.

The childless Clark died in May at age 104. Relatives filed a will signed in March 2005 on Monday that leaves much of her $400 million fortune to relatives.

But five months earlier, her lawyer and accountant filed another Clark will, this one from April 2005. It gives her family nothing and leaves her money mainly to charity and her nurse.

Clark's relatives accuse attorney Wallace Bock and accountant Irving Kamsler of plundering her fortune. But Bock's lawyer says Bock carried out Clark's wishes.

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