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Apr 30, 2011 11:10 AM by Shane Ewing (KPAX Sports)

Chase Reynolds hoping for NFL shot

Chase Reynolds was three yards short of becoming the all-time leading rusher at the University of Montana at the end of his career.

But now, with four more rounds of the NFL Draft ahead he'll find out if he did enough to move to the pros right now - or like the record, he still needed that much more.

Reynolds has been in this position before, seeing players at the next level and realizing he could join them. It's how he got where he is today.

The Drummond native had a dream beyond being a Griz and kike most kids, he wanted to reach the NFL. Five years later, that dream is so close to being his...almost to his own surprise."

"Somewhere along the lines, I lost sight of that. I guess it wasn't realistic. And its not that I never thought about it," Reynolds recently told us. "It was just never realistic for me after high school. Neither was college, but somehow I kept working toward it. I never gave up on it."

He may soon be rewarded for it as there are teams that have with Reynolds on their Draft Day radar as a possible late round pick.

ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper has said he has two favorite sleepers at the halfback position: Eastern Washington's Taiwan Jones and Montana's Chase Reynolds. Kiper, like many scouts, were drawn to Reynolds' pro day performance in March.

"Most of my numbers were better than a lot of guys. One that stands out was Marc Ingram. I think I beat him in everything except probably the bench. I look at the numbers I put up and the things that I've done but on the other's a long shot," Reynolds explained.

"But many NFL teams are loving the long shots. For example, Marc Mariani made the Pro Bowl as a rookie drafted in the seventh round. But Reynolds doesn't have the same special teams resume which prompted the Titans to select Mariani.

While Reynolds says he'd love to play special teams in the NFL, he'll have to rely on what he's done out of the backfield to entice one of the few pro teams he's already talked to to take a chance on him."

"I just want a shot. I just want to say that I did it. That I tried. And hopefully I'll be successful. I want it real bad, but I'm also down to Earth, and if the phone call doesn't come, it doesn't come. But, I would love to be able to get a phone call and come out and be able to tell my family that I've got an opportunity," Reynolds concluded.

If Reynolds is not selected in the draft, he'll have to wait for the NFL labor dispute to be officially worked out before he can sign somewhere as an undrafted free agent and attend training camp.

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