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Jan 6, 2013 10:14 AM by David Jay - MTN News

Montanans offer cranes for hope for Newtown

BILLINGS - A group in Billings wants to send paper cranes, which symbolize peace and good luck, to the people in Newtown, Connecticut in the wake of the tragic school shooting.

The Domestic Violence Abuse Awareness Society (DVAAS) organized "Words of Hope Cranes,"
and folding cranes to send to Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown provides an opportunity offer support.

"This is something that just affected the nation as a whole," said Jamie Schoonover of DVAAS.

The idea is to take a piece of paper, fold into a crane and send it off to Newtown.

"We want to be able to put these cranes together and attach prayers and words of hope to the cranes," Schoonover said.

"We are in this together as a community, as a nation," said Serena Anderson, a member of DVAAS. "And being able to let those people know that we love them and we care for them and we are feeling their pain."

DVAAS says the Newtown shootings can be considered Domestic Violence.

"Violence is violence no matter what form it take," Schoonover said. "And domestic violence, it happens personally to people."

And so they'll send messages because they say it helps to know some one cares.

"The crane is all about being free and loving," Anderson said. "And also we're incorporating spiritual prayers as well as some uplifting words of hope."

"Want this to be a memorial, help us in process in the grieving," Schoonover said.

"Even though we're not in their community, we're all the way across the country, that Billings still cares and that we want to inspire and uplift them," said Anderson.

"We are in this world together and support each other," said Schoonover.

The DVAAS plans on making between 700 and 1,000 cranes.


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