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Nov 28, 2013 12:39 PM by Justine Judge - KPAX News

Darby woman takes yard sales to a whole new level

DARBY - We've all seen those yard sale signs - they're a sure sign of summer - but now you can "yard sale" from the comfort of your own home during the winter.

Turn left - yard sale on your right two miles down - those days may be a thing of the past. Why step out into the cold, when you can grab a hot cup of coffee, fire up your computer or smartphone and check out a yard sale online?

There's a virtual Bitterroot Valley online yard sale that can now be found thanks to Sheena Loughman, who started the page two years ago.

She's a 911 dispatcher in Darby full-time, but, thought it would be a good way to help a friend sell a car. But things just sort of took off from there.

"So, I just started getting messages saying ‘can I add this,' and I just said ‘yeah, sell your stuff on there.' That's what it's for. I was hoping for 300 people, and it just exploded overnight -and I'm just amazed that we have over 8,500 on the page now," Loughman explained.

What's more amazing, is the stuff you can find - anything from cars to guns, and even a men's wedding band.

"There's items added almost every minute. Sometimes you'll go about 12 minutes without seeing anybody add anything, but it's really a continuous stream of new items and it's really an excellent source to find anything," Loughman said.

It's pretty easy to sell something - just take a photo of your item, upload it with a description and let the bidding war begin. And if you don't have much luck the first time, just try again.

"The things you don't think will ever sell do - and, they sell quickly sometimes. And then sometimes you have items you think are a good quality and they may not sell. But, if you repost it again in a couple weeks - because we do have new people added everyday - there is a chance it will sell to somebody that didn't see it before," Loughman told us.

You can also put an "in search of" (ISO) post up if you're looking for something in particular. And almost always, there's someone out there who's got what you need.

But of course, not everyone is a happy "user" of the page Loughman and the other page administrators just ask that you keep it civil. If you don't, rest assured - you will be removed.

"We usually give them a warning or two. But, we remove the people that are going to be disrespectful on the page," Loughman said.

There's another rule too. The page is not for business promotion. Loughman says, times are tough and she hopes the page has been a way for people in the Bitterroot Valley get what they need and save some money.

"We don't want to make this about businesses. We want to make this about individuals and helping individual people in the community," she concluded.

Click here to check out the Facebook page yourself.

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