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Jan 14, 2013 9:00 PM by Melissa Anderson - MTN News

Evidence presented in Helena double-murder trial

HELENA - The double-murder trial of Michelle Gable continued on Monday, and evidence entered into the case included the weapons used to shoot both of the victims.

Gable is charged with shooting and killing her husband, Joe, and Sunday Bennett in October 2011.

During Monday's court session, Gable sat quietly as police investigator Corey Livesay gloved up to present evidence piece by piece in the murder case.

Livesay noted that the revolver used in the shooting showed evidence of Michelle Gable's hair and blood, supporting her story of being pistol-whipped, and it also showed what may have been white paint from shooting open the front door.

"Also on the very tip of the barrel, the outer perimeter of it it, the edge of it, essentially the edge of the barrel has that same white material that appears to have been transferred," Livesay said.

The door to the downstairs bedroom was also brought in to view for the jury to see.

That is where prosecutors say that Michelle Gable fired six shots through the locked door to get inside.

The jury was shown the bloody scene in the bedroom and photos of the bullets which ricocheted throughout the room, embedding fragments under the carpet, bedding, and even the walls.

"There was at least six," testified Captain LIvesay. "When I was counting damage we were able to recover all but one."

Among the many sealed evidence bags opened was a pair of Joe Gable's pants. The contents inside the pockets were emptied out on the stand, which included a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, and a pocket knife.

Other items found at the scene included an LED flashlight found on the staircase, divorce papers, and proof inside Michelle Gable's rental car that Sunday and Joe had spoken on the phone on September 14th, one month before they were killed.

Helena attorney James Obie, a defense witness, testified that Michelle Gable called him on September 29th, asking for advice regarding her rights in the case of a divorce.

"She had contacted me concerning a dissolution. She was living out of state at the time," said Obie.

The defense is expected to begin its arguments as early as Tuesday.

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