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Dec 24, 2011 11:57 PM by Breanna Roy (KPAX News)

Family lights up Missoula for Christmas

MISSOULA- One Missoula home is brighter than others this holiday weekend and if you've driven by it, you've definitely seen it.

It started as a couple of strings of lights at 320 Washburn Street. "And she thought it was a good idea," Christmas scene creator Dave Koch told us.

"You know we started out much littler and just grew and grew," Ricki Koch explained.

It's gone from a delightful display to dazzling destination for Christmas crowds.

"The lights are really, really pretty and I think it's really cool how they do this almost every year for the kids and for the adults, too," Kaliyah Horvath, 10, observed.

Ricki and Dave Koch decorate every inch of their yard with dozens handmade wooden structures, a slew of Santas and more than 35,000 lights every year.

"I'll find something that's unique and I'll bring it home and he say, "now what am I gonna do with that?" and I'll say "Build it a house." So he does!" Ricki pointed out.

"I've run outta room. There's not much room for any more in the yard and my storage is gettin' full, too," Dave added.

So what about the electric bill? Well it turns out the display takes its own separate energy account, but if you ask them, even nicely, they still won't tell you how much it costs.

"Of course our answer to that is 'higher than normal.' Because if you had to think about that, would you do it?," Ricki said.

The reason they do it, though, becomes obvious when those lights come on every December night, and the people come out.

You still have time to check out their display for yourself, even after Christmas. They light it up through New Year's Eve from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. every night.

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