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Jan 6, 2013 11:42 AM by Laura Wilson - KAJ News

Flathead shelter issues pet safety reminder

KALISPELL - Here's a reminder for pet owners, if you put your animals food outside when they eat, you could be feeding more than just your pet.

The folks with the Flathead County Animal Shelter say that pet food is one of the top attractants for Montana wildlife. But it's not just wildlife that the food that can lure the wild animals, it's other people's pets too.

It also doesn't take that long for the food to go bad when it's left outside, which can make pets sick. Animal shelter staffers say that you should feed your animals indoors, but if food is left outside, it should be in a contained area.

"If you're feeding your cats outside, put it in smaller amounts so that you don't attract other stray cats. We get a lot of stray cats into the shelter that were attracted to other areas due to a food source," the shelter's Niki Barton explained.

The animal shelter is also recommending you bring food bowls back inside after your pet is finished eating.

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