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Feb 4, 2013 8:11 AM by Jonathan Kershaw - MTN News

GE Aviation Planning to Help Seacast Grow in Butte

BUTTE - Metal fabrication and casting company Seacast is expected to grow in size and production capability over the next four years.

General Electric Aviation wants to use the Butte facility to start producing tubes, ducts, and castings for jet engines used on commercial airliners.

Seacast Butte currently employs about 70 people, but since the factory's current supply line is too small to handle demand from General Electric's aerospace industry, so the facility will be expanded using investments from both Seacast and General Electric.

"The tremendous pipeline of skilled people here in Butte was very attractive to us," said Colleen B. Athans, Vice President of GE Aviation's Supply Division. "And our business is also growing in a big way. And so our need build more capacity was growing and it was just a great marriage."

Seacast is a privately owned company based in Seattle.


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