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May 1, 2014 9:59 AM by Jill Valley - KPAX News

German media descend on Missoula after shooting death

MISSOULA - The death of 17-year-old German exchange student Derin Dede is a big story on the international scene with reporters from around the world here in Montana to cover it.

Dede's death is the top story on one German TV station's nightly newscast, and their reporters are in Missoula talking with Dede's friends and host family while also showing us the reaction from Germany where Dede's friends are mourning his death.

Former teammates in Germany honored him at their match Wednesday and are collecting money for his family - and tributes to the teen are filling up the team's Facebook page.

One German newspaper reports Dede's grandmother has been taken into hospital suffering from shock of the news of her grandson's death.

Dede's father is in Missoula to bring his son's body home, and a member of the German Consulate is also in town to held navigate through the red tape, help with legal issues as well as the emotional stress the family is going through.

"Our task is support his family, you know that his father arrived yesterday in Missoula. He arrived from Germany, so a staff member of our team is there with him to talk to authorities, police, the district attorney, etc," the Consulate's Julia Reinhardt told MTN News.

The staff member in Missoula will assist in many aspects of the investigation and be there to help the Dede family make arrangements.

Markus Kaarma of Missoula is charged with deliberate homicide in the death of Dede. Police say Dede was burglarizing Kaarma's home at the time, but that he was baited into entering the garage. The attorney for Karma says he was defending his property and family.

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