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Feb 27, 2013 2:50 PM by Irina Cates - KPAX News

Johnson wraps up testimony in rape trial

MISSOULA - Jordan Johnson told the jury he didn't rape his accuser, he also said that no means no and that he respects that.

Johnson told the jury on Wednesday his account of the night last February when the alleged victim said he raped her.

Their accounts don't differ much, until after the two took off each others shirts and were kissing in bed.

The woman said shortly after that Johnson pulled off her pants and forced her to have sex even though she told him "no" multiple times.

Johnson said the woman let him completely undress her and that she never told him "no". He also said that if she did, he would have stopped.

Defense Attorney Kirsten Pabst: "Why would you have stopped?"

Johnson: "Because that's how I was raised by my parents is to respect people."

Johnson agreed with prosecutors when they said that he went over to the accusers house even though he was seeing another girl, he knew there was a possibility the two would have sex, but would not have a relationship.

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