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Mar 22, 2013 7:56 PM by MTN News - Bozeman

Man accused of Bozeman rape found in Missoula

BOZEMAN - Authorities have found the Bozeman disc jockey who is wanted for allegedly raping a young woman he met at a coffee shop in December.

A $50,000 warrant was issued this week for the arrest of Jared Robert Kuntz, 30, who faces charges of sexual intercourse without consent and unlawful transactions with children.

Kuntz was found in the Missoula County jail, where he has been since Jan. 17 for a probation violation. Kuntz is a Helena resident and frequents Bozeman to DJ at a downtown bar.

Court documents state that Kuntz asked her to go to a movie on the night of Dec. 29, 2012. They met at the movies and drank whisky in Kuntz's vehicle before going into the theater, she told police.

She said they only stayed in the theater for about 45 minutes because she had become so intoxicated and disoriented that she could not keep her head up or eyes open.

The woman reports not being able to remember what happened during the next few hours, but said she woke up on a couch in an unfamiliar living room wearing only her bra.

She said she felt extremely intoxicated and disoriented. She put her clothes on and went next door where she was confronted by the homeowner. The homeowner reportedly found her in his vehicle parked in his garage and called police.

The teen was arrested and taken to the Gallatin County Detention Center where she told an officer she believed she had been raped. She was taken to the hospital where it was determined that she had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.115.

A detective determined that Kuntz goes by the name DJ Krave at Bar IX and that he also works for a construction company.

The residence where the alleged crime occurred belongs to the construction company, and Kuntz sometimes stays there when he is in town to work as a DJ. The woman's socks were found in a couch cushion during a search of the home.

Police recorded two calls between the woman and Kuntz. During the first call, Kuntz reportedly told the woman that he did not think he had sex with her but didn't know because he was too drunk.

During the second phone conversation, he reiterated that he was drunk and didn't think they had sex, but suggested she take emergency contraception. He also told her that he was 24 years old, according to court documents.

Kuntz initially denied knowing the woman and asked to talk to an attorney when he was contacted by police.


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