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Oct 12, 2010 7:45 PM by Allyson Weller (KPAX News)

Missoula Co. to auction off mobile homes if taxes not paid

MISSOULA - Over 200 residents have one week to pay delinquent taxes on their mobile homes before Missoula County sells them at auction.

Missoula Delinquent Tax Collection Clerk Annie Cathey says when they started the collection process back in August, they had over 900 mobile homes on the list. There are now about 230 people who have yet to pay their taxes.

The county sent out reminders in In August which were followed by certified letters and finally the Missoula County Sheriff's Department posted final notices. Residents who didn't pay their taxes will watch their homes go to auction next Tuesday.

Cathey urges anyone who is on the list, to come in and work out a payment plan. She says, in the past, most of the homes that ended up going to auction were abandoned or unwanted.

"This is just away for us to be able to collect these backed taxes that are costing the taxpayer ever year for us to have to do this, but we are willing to work with people because we don't want anybody to of course be homeless," said Cathey.

The county says most of the people on the list owe anywhere from $300 to $1,200. County officials say that if the residents come in, the county will do everything in their power to help resolve the situation.

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