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Jun 14, 2011 5:59 PM by Irina Cates (KPAX News)

Missoula dad needs help after wife dies, baby sent to NICU

MISSOULA- A Missoula father is asking for help after his wife delivered his daughter about three months early and died a couple days later from a bacterial infection.

Kallin Sharbono and his wife Christina went to celebrate their one year anniversary at a cabin in Seeley Lake on the first weekend in June. But while they were there Christina started to get sick, so they came home.

"And we just thought maybe like the flu or something. Her temperature went down, everything was fine," Kallin explained.

Christina then started feeling leg pain and that's when the couple learned she was going into labor at 27 weeks.

"She asked me to check and we actually seen the head of the baby starting to come out. So I called 911 and we rushed her to the hospital," recalled Kallin.

Christina delivered their daughter, Unique Marie, on June 6th. Unique is 13" long and weighs one pound and 11 ounces.

Shortly after delivering the baby, medical personnel rushed Christina to the ICU and at some point, she developed a bacterial infection and started to have complications. Kallin believes she developed this infection sometime before they came to the hospital.

"The bacteria was in her placenta and her uterus. They said it happens and there's just nothing they can do about it. They said at her age she should have been able to fight it off no problem, but her platelets in her body were so low. She just couldn't gain the oxygen that she needed that everything else just kind of started to shut down," cried Kallin.

Kallin says medical personnel resuscitated his wife multiple times right before she passed away.

"I just wrapped my arms around my wife and I told her how much I loved her and just to let go and she did. And they took her, God did," Kallin said.

But his baby girl is a fighter. Even though she still needs a breathing tube, the bleeding in her brain stopped and she's continuing to grow.

"And now they go it to where I'm helping to change her diapers and I'm learning how to give her medicines," said Kallin.

Medicaid covers most of his daughters medical expenses, but Kallin is still facing other expenses he cannot afford, because he had to turn down a job offer after his wife passed away.

"I'm trying to get to where people can help me with donations for funds to get certain things that I'm going to need for my daughter, when she comes home. Funds for me to be able to pay for the funeral," Kallin said.

If the baby continues to do well, Kallin can take her home on the due date, which is about 2½ months from now.

If you would like to help Kallin you can make a donation at the Jiffy Lube on Brooks Street or you can call him at (406) 274.8301.

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