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Dec 29, 2012 8:04 PM by Brin Merkley - KPAX News

Missoula funeral home sending condolence book to Sandy Hook

MISSOULA - A Missoula business wants to send a personal, heartfelt tribute to the Connecticut school devastated by violence.

A condolence book dedicated to serve as a memorial tribute to the community of Newtown has been set out at Garden City Funeral Home to give Missoula the opportunity to express their love and support for those grieving the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting tragedy.

Funeral Director Wayne Benson says he and his staff wanted to reach out to help not only their brothers and sisters in the funeral home profession but also the community of Newtown.

Benson says he thinks little things like this book help repair in the healing and grieving process.

"This is a pretty simple thing that we're doing, you know a guest book, signing a name you know what good does that do? The good is this: 3,000 miles away, at some point, somebody's gonna look at that book and think Missoula, Montana? You know Missoula was standing with us at that time."

Benson says the main point is to let these people know that they are not alone. He says they will send the book to a local funeral home in Newtown, and regardless of the number of people who sign it, they hope it's meaningful to the Newtown community.

"People aren't just coming in, signing their name and, boom, out the door, but they are actually taking time to ponder the right words so there's a lot of heart and a lot of thought going into this."

If you would like to sign the book, it is sitting on the front desk at Garden City Funeral home. Benson says they are plananing to send the book sometime during the first week of January.

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