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May 14, 2013 6:10 PM by Irina Cates - KPAX News

Missoula students learn dangers of DUI, distracted driving

MISSOULA - It was a mock scenario, but some Missoula high school students have experienced the devastation from DUI crashes first hand, after they lost friends and classmates in recent accidents.

Tuesday's demonstration on Loyola's football field was hosted by a non-profit community project called "Your Choice".

The simulation showed five high school students who were hit by a drunk driver. One of the students was not wearing a seat belt and she was thrown from the car and killed. The other four were taken to the hospital, while the drunk driver was taken away by officers.

The mock scenario hit home for some students in the audience and for those who participated in the demonstration.

"I had to sit still and just hearing my mom's voice-it was really hard and you saw how it affected everybody else," said Kallie Dotz through tears, after playing the victim who was killed in the crash. "I hope high school students can really like really learn from this, just as I have."

"I hope they just see the reality of the situation, the seriousness that comes with not only drinking and driving, but just distracted driving, I guess," said Laura McFadyen, a UM student who played a drunk driver in the scenario.

The simulation also demonstrated how local emergency responders work together at the scene of a crash.


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