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Feb 25, 2014 7:04 PM by Laura Wilson - KAJ News

Montana schools trying to tackle cyber bullying

KALISPELL - Montana remains the only state in the country without any anti-bullying laws in place, which has local school districts are taking a stand against cyber-bullying by enforcing new policies and launching awareness campaigns in the community.

But trying to actually regulate the growing number of social media forums hasn't been easy for school officials. New, anonymous websites and Facebook "confessions" pages continue to emerge, making it even easier for students to bully their peers at any hour of the day.

"The things that are said are a lot harsher than what would be said in person. It gets to you more because they have time to think about what they can say. When they do think about that, it's pretty rough. It hurts," cyber bullying victim Cameron Crosby said.

Reporter Laura Wilson goes On Special Assignment during the Tuesday 10:00 News to find out which state laws schools and law enforcement are turning to in hopes of putting an end to local cyber-bullying.


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