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Sep 3, 2013 8:47 AM by Jason Laird - MTN News

One in a Million: "Skip's Kids"

ABSAROKEE - The Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness is where we discovered this weeks One in a Million - Skip Meier of Absarokee, Montana - who has no doubt led a life of adventure.

After moving to Alaska and pursuing a teaching career, Meier's love for fishing took off. Summer break provided time to get out and enjoy the wilderness as a fishing guide.

After moving back home to help care for his parents, Meier was introduced to Jack Hanna, who at the time owned Montana Hanna's located near Nye, Montana.

Hanna was looking to get a fly and tackle shop started at his complex and Meier was the perfect candidate. This opened the door and provided the opportunity for a summer camp program just for kids - and just like that, Skip's Kids Camp was born.

The costs of running a 100% free summer camp as you can imagine is staggering and at one point, Meier was working five jobs just to keep the doors open.

The problem was that there was no time for the camps with all the time Meier spent working to make ends meet.

So Meier submitted for multiple grants in hope of getting the funds he needed to keep the camps running. As fate would have it, Skip's Kids soon received the much-needed funding to continue with the camps.

Skip's Kids Camps can always use extra help. You can call (406) 328.6548 for more information.


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