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Aug 9, 2010 8:28 PM by Allyson Weller

Pinehaven head addresses allegations against the ranch

ST. IGNATIUS - We met with the head of the Pinehaven Christian Children's Ranch, Bob Larsson, to talk about three missing teens and the allegations from former students.

He brought with him an investigation conducted earlier this year, by the Lake County Sheriff's Department.

"There's always going to be someone being critical, and we know that happens and people can get on a band wagon and lead a charge and if they were really honest and they looked at the sheriffs report, they'll say well we thought that was it but there's another side to it and the other side does say a different picture," said Larsson.

Back in April, Vicky Tucker sent a letter to the Lake County Sheriffs Department claiming abuse at the Pinehaven Ranch.

Detective Michael Gehl conducted a two month investigation. In his final report he said he "interviewed the staff, house parents, and administration".

Gehl concluded his report saying "there are no other pending cases or past cases alleging any type of abuse of any type at Pinehaven Ranch".

"Come up and see it, we don't tell the kids, 'smile till I quit beating you', it doesn't happen, and the usual comment is, 'these are some of the happiest and nicest most polite kids' they've ever seen," said Larsson.

Larsson talked about the fact kids come to the ranch for many different reasons. He says they don't take the kids unless they write a letter saying they want to come to the ranch, and they won't leave until Pinehaven says they should.

"They're individual, they come with a load of baggage emotionally and the things they've been through, our job is to help them get over that in a permanent way," Larsson concluded.

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