Oct 13, 2012 12:16 PM by Cristy Aranguiz - KPAX News

Rehberg brings bus tour to Hamilton

HAMILTON- Senate Candidate Denny Rehberg continued his statewide six-day Jobs Tour on Friday with a stop in Hamilton. He is calling the tour "Liberate Main Street" which he says is the direct opposite of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

He wants voters to know he is putting small businesses and unemployment at the forefront of his campaign. He spoke to a crowd at Cornerstone Realty and highlighted the differences between he and his opponent Jon Tester. Rehberg says he wants to get government out of the way so that small business owners can flourish and create more jobs.

""The best way that we can put people back to work and keep people employed is get government out of their lives, reduce the regulatory burden, give them certainty in their tax structure and that will build a better future for Montana's small businesses and as a result, the people they hire," Rehberg said.

The Republican continues his tour and will make a stop at 8:30 a.m. at King's Closet over on Brooks Street in Missoula.

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