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Jan 24, 2013 9:53 AM by Cristy Aranguiz - KPAX News

Sanders Co. Sheriff hears support for gun rules stance

THOMPSON FALLS - President Obama's efforts to curtail gun violence are not sitting well with some law enforcement officers around the country who say his executive orders violate the U.S. Constitution.

One of the latest to take a stand is Sanders County Sheriff Tom Rummel who says no matter what the President says on gun control, he won't listen.

"We will not support any executive orders or federal rules or regulations that are contrary to the constitution of the U.S. or Montana," Rummel said.

Rummel says he hasn't read any of the executive orders coming out of Washington.

But on Monday, Rummel released a statement to residents of Sanders County, regarding his views on protecting the Second Amendment.

Rummel says he has received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the letter.

"Four phone calls this afternoon alone. I've received multiple emails from people thanking me for my stance," he told us.

Most of the Sanders County residents we spoke with agreed on the importance of the right to bare arms, but many believe in more thorough background checks and less accessibility to guns for the mentally ill.

"I think Montanans should be allowed to bear guns for hunting and stuff. I don't think they should be giving fully automatic weapons to people who aren't psychologically capable," resident John Dexter said.

"I think it's good that he's doing that. I think we need to send a message. It's really the federal government that we have to protect people from. When the government gets too much power, that's what we need to be wary of," Missoula County resident Philip Palm added.

Rummel told us that he's sticking to his guns on this issue.

"What is to happen to the rest of our rights? Freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly? The rest of the Constitution turns into a house of cards and it will simply cave in," he explained.

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