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May 2, 2014 4:30 AM by Judy Slate - MTN News

Hantavirus reminder issued as Spring cleaning gets underway

BOZEMAN - Health officials in Bozeman are issuing a warning to residents - be careful while doing your spring cleaning.

It's been about a year since 20-year-old RheaLynn Baxter died of hantavirus.

It's believed she contracted the disease while cleaning and came in contact with mouse droppings, which is how humans get the disease - usually by cleaning this time of year and breathing in dust that's carrying the virus.

"Well, if you're opening up a cabin or a shed or a garage or anywhere mice might be living or especially if you know mice are living there, number one open up the windows as much as possible and let the air in as much as possible and just leave it alone for a while let it air out," said Matt Kelley with the Gallatin County Health Department.

Some other advice being offered up is not to sweep or use a vacuum - instead try to wipe down the area with a wet cloth, and using a bleach solution is a good idea.

Click here for more information about hantavirus.


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