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Jan 2, 2013 3:02 PM by Beth Beechie - MTN News

Sticking to a fitness resolution

GREAT FALLS - When starting to work towards a new goal, it often helps to see how others have successfully completed their own resolutions.

Casey Ayers decided to lose weight again last Spring, but this time, she made it permanent. She says she realized, for the first time, that she had control over her own body to make it a healthy one, and she never quite knew that before.

"My goal weight was 175. And I'm almost to 170 now. So it's pretty cool. I mean, I have hip bones!" Ayers noted.

Ayers started in March at 219 pounds, and now she says her resolution is to not gain any weight.

She says her path to where she is today was is thanks to steady weight loss at 4 to 5 pounds per month and says she never deprived herself in the process.

"I've learned how to be able to have a McChicken sandwich and a salad in a day and still be under my calories and have my workout and be good."

Her trainer Sandra Corbett of Gold's Gym says she's seen Ayers change right in front of her. And in her own weight loss of 100 pounds, Corbett was full of tidbits to help Ayers and other clients stick with it.

"That's why I tell people to take pictures, the before and after, because her looking in the mirror every day is so much harder. And as you go forward and look back it encourages you," Corbett noted.

And though pictures help Ayers see the results of her hard work, she feels the difference during and after her workouts and with her two-year old son.

"Yesterday we were at Walmart and we were running around with the cart and sliding all over and I couldn't have done that before. I can do anything I want now!" Ayers said.



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