Jun 18, 2013 11:35 AM by Derek Buerkle - KPAX Sports

Tyler Hamilton talks about doping controversy

MISSOULA - Devoted athletes are quick to admit that they are willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top, and in the sport of professional cycling, to make it there meant the use of performance enhancing drugs.

Tyler Hamilton was at the Wilma in Missoula on Monday night to talk about his experience, speaking on behalf of a fundraiser to help raise money for the Hellgate High School Cross Country Team and The Missoula Riverbowl Track.

The disgraced cyclist star, turned best-selling author, chronicled his involvement with doping and how his life was turned upside down when faced with the ultimatum of either going to jail or being honest.

"You know at that point I knew I had basically backed up and backed up and backed up, and I'm at the edge of a cliff. It's either I jump or tell the truth. And obviously I wasn't going to jump - life is too precious to do that," Hamilton told them audience.

Hamilton is now retired from the sport and he moved to Missoula about a year ago. Hamilton now runs his own business, Tyler Hamilton Training, which helps cyclists throughout the country prepare for competitions.

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