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Tyler Hamilton to speak at The Wilma Monday

MISSOULA - Sometimes athletes reach the pinnacles of their careers in ways that they're not proud of. And when those athletes get caught, such as former Olympic cyclist Tyler Hamilton, the hardest thing to do is come clean.

Being an admitted doper Tyler Hamilton recently wrote a best-selling book revealing all of the dark secrets that plagued his illustrious cycling career. However before the book could be written, the truth needed to be set free.

"It's a little bit embarrassing, but it took a grand jury subpoena to get me to finally tell the truth," Hamilton admitted. "From that point on I wanted to scream the truth from the top of my lungs. I had hidden the truth for years and years to my mother, my father, my brother, my sister; all the people closest to me and the most important people in my life. And for me, selfishly, it was for me to finally get it off my chest, get it off my shoulders, it was a heavy, heavy weight. I'm 42 years old and I've seen some of the highest of highs and some of the lowest of lows. Everybody gets a second chance and I feel like this is my chance to right the ship."

Hamilton and his wife Lindsay and their dog Rose currently reside in Missoula as Tyler has embraced being an "average guy" and leading a normal life, but even how they wound up in Montana isn't your typical back story.

"There was a federal investigation going on into Lance Armstrong. There was a lot of people watching us, let's just say that and it was time for a change," explains Hamilton. "Lindsay and I were newly married and we were ready for a change. We're both east coasters, both from Boston and we both always wanted to live in Montana and we were in the Denver Airport traveling and Lindsay said, "Where's Missoula?" And from that moment on Missoula has been it. It was kind of random like that. We did a little investigating. We came up here for a long weekend and we fell in love with it."

Obviously the sport of cycling has consumed most of Hamilton's life and while there have been ups and downs he certainly doesn't miss the vigorous training, but still reflects positively on the sport.

"I'm not super into putting on the spandex anymore or taking myself too seriously. Life is too short, but you go out for a half hour on your bike and come back the sky is a little bit bluer and everything seems to be a little bit better and that has never changed for me from when I was a kid to today" concluded Hamilton.

For those interested Tyler Hamilton will be speaking at the Wilma Theater at 7:00 p.m. on behalf of The Runners' Edge to help raise money for the Hellgate Cross Country team, and yes, he will be riding his bike to the event.

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