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  • Retired teacher loses 200 pounds

    "There's another one who will break our equipment," Kathleen Riser overheard one trainer say, pointing at her 350-plus pound frame. Two years later, people now point to Riser as an...

  • 'Big Ben' loses 145 pounds

    After almost two years of strict dieting and exercise Ben's 140lbs lighter. He's lost 38 inches off of his waist and tossed out his 3XL shirts to make room for...

  • Plant-based diet is his secret

    For years Benji Kurtz was severely obese. He tried diet after diet. Then the solution to his weight loss problem found him.

  • Break up with your trainer

    After months of personal training, you're still not seeing results. Could it be time to ditch your trainer?

  • 9 nutrition rules for athletes

    Follow these nutrition guidelines to ensure your hard work in training pays off.

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