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  • She found love, left sugar, lost weight

    Cady Stanton used to find solace in the sweet taste of ice cream. Now she finds solace in her new self image.

  • Pitcher drops 162 pounds

    Denny McLain is a recognizable name to almost any baseball fan. But even his best friends wouldn't recognize him today.

  • She bet she'd lose -- and won!

    Sara Lugger was skeptical as she placed her first $5 bet. But she realized that all she had to lose was 140 pounds.

  • 5 myths about the ER, debunked

    Several myths prevail about what you can expect in the emergency room. Here are five that need to be declared DOA.

  • Denying drugs for the dying

    The FDA program that allows patients to use experimental drugs is called "compassionate use." Some, including a biotechnology industry group, wonder if there might be a way to make it...

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