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  • Power walker loses 150 pounds

    In the fall of 2011, Jen Corn was the heaviest she had ever been. Her family offered to pay for weight loss surgery but she decided to lose the extra...

  • 'Sumo wrestler' to distance runner

    When Yusuke Kirimoto visited his relatives in Japan, they would jokingly say, "the sumo wrestler is back." Their comments prompted him to change his lifestyle -- and lose 102 pounds....

  • One dance class changed her life

    Angela Baldwin can pinpoint the day she changed the course of her life.

  • It's time to get your flu shot!

    Flu season is about to begin, the CDC says. And health officials have a few updates to their recommendations.

  • Flu shot myths addressed

    Flu vaccine myths can confuse people trying to decide whether to get a shot. Here are five common myths and, based on information from the Centers for Disease Control and...

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