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Summer vs. Winter? Missoulians decide their favorite season

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Summer along the Clark Fork River is Missoula. (MTN News photo) Summer along the Clark Fork River is Missoula. (MTN News photo)

This just in: it's really hot outside.

But this heat, like all things, will soon pass.  In just a scant few months, there’s a good chance we will once again be knee-deep in snow.  With annual complaints of both the heat in the summer and cold in the winter, we wondered: which season does Missoula prefer?

It's a question almost as old as time itself:  summer vs. winter?  Skiing vs. floating?  Skinny half-caf mocha Frappuccino vs hot coco?  MTN News took to the banks of the Clark Fork River to put an end to this hotly debated topic once and for all.

The Clark Fork River has been filled with people seeking refuge from the heat.  Lynn Hostetler thinks summer comes out on top due to how easy it can be to cool off.

"You can just sort of walk out the door when you're at the lake and get on your paddle board or swim or jump off the dock, and that makes it nice," said Lynn.

First point to summer. But wait - there's familial dissent!  Lynn's son disagrees with his mother's season of choice!

"I probably like skiing more,” explained Jack Hostetler. “Just because it seems, it's more fun for me."

Like Jack as he's flying down a powdery mountain, winter's on the board.

Only someone who admires the merits of both seasons could disrupt this highly scientific process.

"Summer and winter are both amazing,” said Jessica Zephyrs.  “One of them you get to ski, and sled, and drink hot coco and all the warm drinks.  And then you have summer, where it's hot, and you get to go jump in the river, and your feet are finally on the ground again, which is pretty great, and you get to go into the mountains but there are bugs, but then you get to drink all the cold drinks.  So basically it's a toss-up!"

Hot and cold, still neck-and-neck into round 4!  We need a tie-breaker!

"Neither winter or summer is my favorite season.  I actually prefer fall,” said Camas Allison-Bunnell.  “I like to take photos especially in fall just because the softer warm lighting is really nice.  And it's just cooler, the leaves are beautiful, you can still do things outside but it's not as hot as summer."

So there you have it.  Missoulians love both winter and summer, and fall isn't too bad either.

Better luck next year, spring.

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