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Montana Made: All Cool Ice & Catering

Posted: Dec 22, 2017 8:55 AM Updated:

GREAT FALLS - Great Falls resident Brian McKinney recently opened up his own shop in Great Falls for his business, All Cool Ice & Catering.

“I really like working with the chisels and the chainsaws, Y’know when I’m in the freezer and the chainsaw’s going at 5,000 RPM’s, there’s a serenity there I just really enjoy it,” said McKinney.

Brian McKinney's typical work climate is just 20 degrees year-round. "We're in Montana so sometimes it's actually warmer in my freezer than it is outside," said McKinney.

His love ice sculpting and passion for its passing beauty is the reason he enjoys sculpting figurines and displays for events and parties.

"I really enjoy ice -- I call it 'art for the moment,' it's fleeting. I could carve something out of wood or stone, sure it'd be around for a long time but it's just a challenging medium. You're dealing with temperatures and a fragile medium," said McKinney.

He was first introduced to his craft in culinary school over 30 years ago, "ice sculpting was an elective you had to take after hours, and I took the class and I just enjoyed it and have been doing it ever since," said McKinney.

McKinney's enthusiasm for ice sculpting continued to grow; he began offering hand-crafted ice sculptures are part of his services while working in hospitality management. 

"I started taking those jobs on the side and it's grown to the point where I've set up this shop and y'know trying to make a business out of it," said McKinney.

He now has customers across Montana and says while his creations are temporary, they make any event memorable.

"They're in photos and people will always talk about the ice sculpture at an event if it was done well, I mean sometimes they don't talk about the centerpieces of the decorations but they'll talk about the ice sculpture," said McKinney.

McKinney also travels to compete in ice sculpting competitions around the state and the country. He believes it's added another aspect to his work. 

"That's where you get to see what the new techniques are and some really amazing things people are doing with ice, and it lets me bring that back and incorporate it into my own work here," said McKinney.

McKinney makes all of his ice in his shop where he says it takes about 4 days to make several blocks. Then, he gets to carving with the goal of creating a unique, one-of-a kind ice sculpture that will make his clients' events and parties a cut above the rest.

"My job is to make them look good, so I feel good by doing that y'know. I get a lot of satisfaction of it," said McKinney.

His love for making temporary creations also extends to fruit displays and carvings that he provides as part of his catering business. All Cool Ice & Catering also features a variety of chocolate fountains.

Click here for more information on this Montana Made business or visit them on Facebook.

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