17 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Likes - Chosen by Influencers

10:17 AM, Aug 24, 2023
1:44 PM, Aug 25, 2023

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You’ve spent lots of time, and possibly lots of money, creating terrific content for Instagram. After all, everyone says “content is king” and that’s hard to argue with. Few people are going to spend their time watching a boring or poorly-shot video.

But after posting your compelling videos and waiting for magic to happen, your IG likes count has barely moved and no one new is following your account.

What in the world is going on?

It’s not a reflection of the quality of your videos. You’re simply playing a numbers game – and you’re losing.

Don’t blame yourself, because you’re not doing anything wrong. Instagram needs a way to sort through the 100 million videos and photos that are uploaded to the platform every day. Only a fraction of that content can be shown widely.

What they do is pick videos that they think users will like. But they don’t watch and judge all of that content; there’s simply too much of it to evaluate. Instead, they choose videos that have already accumulated lots of likes, under the assumption that likes = quality. In other words, if lots of people have watched and liked a video, it must be worth watching.

That’s clearly a catch-22. If your videos don’t have lots of likes because you don’t have many followers, how do you convince Instagram that your content is worth displaying to a large group of users?

You buy Instagram likes.

It’s a simple way to send the platform’s algorithms a clear signal that your videos are popular. Once you’ve done that, all of the new people who see your content will have the opportunity to like it and follow your account. Your IG popularity and importance will grow, and your account will be on its way.

Only high-quality suppliers can deliver the right kind of Instagram likes, though. Here are the 17 best sites to use.

17 Best Sites for Instagram Likes

Best of the Best

1. Twicsy

There’s no single reason we’ve chosen Twicsy as the best Instagram likes provider you can find. There are a lot of them.

Perhaps most important, though, is the high quality of the engagements they deliver. They’re all real likes from real Instagram users – the type that works perfectly and doesn’t put your account at risk – and they’re the best we’ve seen anyone provide. You can also upgrade to “premium” likes, which all come from active IG accounts that post on the system regularly.

Twicsy’s prices are more than reasonable for the quality they provide. You can purchase anywhere from 50 to 10,000 authentic Instagram likes, with prices starting at less than $1.50. If you need more than 10,000 or want to add followers as well, their experienced customer support team is happy to customize a package for you.

Delivery is fast. Your interactions start arriving almost instantly and your order is completed quickly; they also offer the option of slower delivery to look even more authentic. If you want to split your likes between several posts, that’s no problem, and video views (another important metric) are included at no charge in your order.

Authoritative publications like Us Weekly and Men’s Journal have ranked Twicsy as the best of the best. We have, too.

Order Real Instagram Likes from Twicsy Now

2. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is another excellent choice for Instagram likes. In fact, they provide just about all of the same benefits that Twicsy does.

Their likes are real and safe, never created by automated bots. They can deliver small packages of 50 authentic likes or large ones of 5,000 or 10,000 almost immediately. They offer premium likes and gradual delivery, and they include video views with your order. And their support team is always available.

Even Buzzoid’s prices are easy to handle, at just about the same levels as Twicsy’s.

So why is Buzzoid our #2 instead of our #1? It’s simple; Buzzoid is a newer service than Twicsy, so they have a little less experience delivering high-quality Instagram engagements. Even so, we wouldn’t hesitate to trust them to boost our Instagram presence.

Order Authentic Instagram Likes from Buzzoid Now

3. Rushmax

This is an Instagram-only service that’s a bit newer than Buzzoid, so we’ve ranked it at #3. At least, for now.

Rushmax never delivers fake likes that endanger your account and don’t work. Their engagements are 100% real, all from authentic IG users, and they’re delivered with lightning speed. You can choose between small and large packages, and real or premium likes, all for prices that are easy on your wallet. Video views are included, too.

We have no qualms in recommending Rushmax as a service you can trust to boost your Instagram account’s visibility and popularity.

Order Real Instagram Likes from Rushmax Now

Best of the Rest

4. iDigic

If you want fewer than 50 Instagram likes, iDigic will sell you 25 or 30 of them. Their prices are higher than our top choices, however. Their likes are real and delivered within 5-15 minutes, and they’ll replace any that drop out of your account.

5. Likes.io

Likes.io provides IG followers and video views as well, but they’ve obviously built their business on supplying as many as 30,000 real likes and they’re good at it. You can choose between high-quality and active likes, their prices are reasonable, and delivery is fast.

6. GetViral

You can purchase even more real likes from GetViral, as many as 40,000, for decent prices. (If you want active likes, they can only supply 10,000.) They service seven different platforms, which is probably why delivery may not start for six hours.

7. GetRealBoost

GetRealBoost is slightly less expensive than our top-rated providers. But while their Instagram likes are real, they’re not quite the same high-quality engagements you get for higher prices. Your likes show up quickly, and support is available 24/7.

8. Social Rush

This service doesn’t focus solely on Instagram; they provide interactions for seven platforms including Spotify and Soundcloud. Their IG likes are real, their prices are market-average and they offer fast delivery, but support is only handled through an online form.

9. UseViral

UseViral is a huge social media provider, delivering engagements for 24 online platforms. Their likes are sold in packages for posts, stories and reels, with good prices and rapid delivery. Although as you can imagine, their service queues are long.

10. FastLikes

This French service guarantees that the Instagram likes they provide are all real and they begin delivery quickly. However, their prices are much higher than the ones charged by comparable services – and they’re even higher than they look at first glance since they’re quoted in Euros.

11. Follower Packages

Yes, they sell likes packages too. They offer both high-quality and premium IG likes and their prices are budget-friendly, but they’re structured to supply only large quantities. Their smallest package is for 500 real likes, which may not work for users just starting out.

12. Krootez

The likes are real, delivery is fast, they replace dropped engagements, and they offer packages as small as 20 Instagram likes for those who want to sample their service. However, their prices are noticeably higher than the ones that comparable services charge.

13. Stormlikes

Stormlikes has been in business for a while and uses the same basic business model as many other successful Instagram providers. Their likes are real, they deliver quickly, and their prices are reasonable, but there’s nothing that makes them stand out.

14. BuyIGLikesFast

This service can deliver between 50 and 10,000 real IG likes, and as you can tell from their name, they do it fast. Their smaller packages are more expensive than they should be, but their larger ones are priced nicely.

15. FollowersUp

FollowersUp may be a better choice for audio service engagements since they deal with lesser-known platforms like Audiomack, DatPiff, and LiveMixTapes. They do also supply IG likes at good prices, although delivery can take as long as 24 hours.

16. GoRead

We haven’t heard any complaints about GoRead, so we’re including them on this list for budget-conscious readers. Their prices are so low, though, that many IG users stay away from using them for fear that their cheap likes (and “active likes”) aren’t actually real.

17. Famoid

Famoid offers packages of 100 to 25,000 real Instagram likes with almost-instant delivery, for prices right around the market average. There’s nothing bad to say about this provider, but there’s nothing that separates them from other good providers, either.

Is There Any Other Alternative to Buying Likes?

Not really, if you want to build long-term popularity on Instagram.

It’s possible, of course, that some incredibly-popular IG influencer is tipped off to a terrific video that you’ve posted, reposts it for their millions of followers to see, and it ends up going viral. But it’s possible to win the lottery, too. You don’t want to pin all of your hopes on either of those things happening.

Some people believe that regularly posting high-quality content is enough to attract lots of viewers, who will like their videos and follow their account. That’s almost as improbable as winning the lottery, because Instagram generally won’t give widespread exposure to posts from small or new accounts. Compelling content simply isn’t enough.

What you need to do is make your account seem popular enough to attract the attention of Instagram’s algorithms, convincing them to display your videos on random users’ “Explore” page. That means purchasing IG interactions to prime the pump.

Some people prefer to purchase followers, or even video views, instead of likes. Those approaches can work too, and buying them all in tandem may be the best way to go. However, the quickest way to get your content viewed by a large number of potential followers is to buy Instagram likes.

Not only does that win you added exposure, but it also convinces users to spend time watching your content because of what marketing science calls “social proof.”

In short, when people think something is popular, they’re more inclined to want it. And when they see a video with lots of likes, they’re more inclined to want to watch it. That’s the other big reason why buying IG likes makes sense.

Why “Real” Likes Are So Important

There’s more to the story, though. Some unscrupulous vendors use shortcuts when they sell social media interactions.

They’ve developed automated bots that can generate “fake” likes for Instagram videos. If you buy them, you’ll see the likes count for your content increasing rapidly – and then falling back to where they started.

What happened? Instagram’s very good at detecting fake likes, and they remove them almost as quickly as they show up. Even worse, they may penalize your account or even completely delete it.

What you need are the “real” likes that reputable social media providers deliver from their huge networks of real Instagram users with real accounts. Those likes don’t violate the system’s rules, they won’t be deleted, and they’ll boost your content’s visibility on the platform – the real path to Instagram popularity and influence.

So be very, very careful. When you purchase likes (or any other IG interactions), it’s crucial to make sure they’re real likes. How can you tell? The best way is to use services that have already been vetted, like the 17 sites we’ve recommended. Otherwise, you may not be boosting your Instagram presence. You may be hurting it.

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