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24 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers In 2023

Posted at 2:00 PM, Aug 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-25 16:01:33-04

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Technology advances and changing consumer behavior have led many businesses to move much of their marketing operations online. This makes having an active, strong presence on social media absolutely essential – and that means you must have a large following on Instagram.

But how can you get thousands of people, or more, to follow your account?

You could plug away, day after day, posting content and hoping that people will eventually follow you.

There’s an easier way, though. The easy route is buying Instagram followers instead.

It's quick and easy, and it only requires a small investment. Plus, the increased authority that comes with a larger follower count will draw more organic followers, helping you build true Instagram influence and popularity.

To get the best return on your investment we suggest using a reputable site like Twicsy, which is our top pick for the best site to buy Instagram followers in 2023.

20 Best Sites For Buying Instagram Followers (2023)

Best of the Best

1. Twicsy

Twicsy is a top choice for buying Instagram followers. Not only do we think it's the best, but other reputable sites like Men's Journal, and US Mag agree.

Twicsy has been the number-one Instagram online growth service since 2020 providing outstanding packages that deliver as many as 5000 new, high-quality Instagram followers (or as few as 100) instantly, with prices starting at only a few bucks. But that's not all.

The followers Twicsy delivers are all real people. That’s vastly superior to the followers delivered by most of the services that have shown up online recently, which are fake followers that disappear almost immediately. Twicsy has a network of real IG users with real accounts, so they look completely natural and won’t be deleted. And you’ll benefit from that added authority.

The purchasing process takes less than a minute, and you can pay with either credit or debit card. Your new Instagram followers will start showing in your account almost as fast as you can check. And if you prefer, you have the followers dripped over time to appear even more natural.

The customer service team is helpful and responsive. They can answer any questions you have, and will even work with you to create Instagram followers, likes and views packages designed for your account and desired growth.

Many well-known Instagram influencers have used Twicsy's services to quickly become popular, and you’ll receive the same expert service that they have.

2. Buzzoid

Another good option is Buzzoid, which specializes in providing larger packages of Instagram followers. You can purchase as many as 20,000 followers as easily as you can buy 100, and they also offer high-quality IG views and likes packages.

Buy Instagram Followers

The followers they deliver are all from authentic Instagram accounts, so they stick for the long term and continue to boost your account’s authority. Even more importantly, Instagram will see those permanent followers and increase the visibility of the videos you post, meaning you’ll get more views, likes, and followers organically. That’s the secret to Instagram growth.

Buzzoid’s customer service team is responsive and well-versed in Instagram strategies. They can provide guidance on how to effectively enhance your Instagram presence with their followers package. They also will add recurring engagements for you if you choose that option, providing sustained growth over an extended period.

Buy Authentic Instagram Followers from Buzzoid Now

3. Rushmax

Rushmax offers perhaps the fastest delivery of genuine Instagram followers on the market. Your new followers often begin showing up within a minute of your order, and they guarantee that all of your followers will be in your account by the end of the day.

Rushmax is similar to the other reputable services we’ve listed, delivering real followers and not fake ones that will be quickly removed by Instagram, and their services do not put your account at risk. Packages start at a very affordable price level; even if you buy 1000 followers, it will cost less than the average order at a fast food restaurant.

You can also purchase views and likes from Rushmax at the same affordable price levels, with the assurance that they’re all high-quality engagements from authentic IG users. More than 100,000 businesses and influencers have vastly expanded their Instagram presence with the same packages you can buy for low prices – with instant delivery.

Buy Real Instagram Followers from Rushmax Now

4. TokMatik

TokMatik sells its active Instagram followers packages as some of the cheapest on the Internet. However, their quality should not be overlooked. Their genuine engagements are from real accounts, so Instagram won’t detect them or delete them.

TokMatik’s system delivers authentic Instagram followers that arrive within minutes of your order, and they offer the same service for IG views and likes. Their friendly support team is available to guide customers who aren’t sure how many engagements to order, or the best way to space them out to maintain account growth and effectiveness.

The company is one of the few social media services that also offers its customers access to an informative blog that not only sheds light on the use of followers, likes and views, but even helps guide clients on optimizing their posts to work with Instagram’s algorithms for maximum benefit.

TokMatik’s prices are low, and the benefits of their packages are huge.

Buy Real Instagram Followers from TokMatik Now

Other Top Sites Providing Instagram Followers

5. SocialPros Social

Pros hasn’t been around as long as many other providers on this list, but they supply Instagram followers from a network of real accounts, not bots. Unlike most other services, they also use an automated system that emails you to tell you the progress of your order while it’s in progress.

6. Viralyft

This service is a one-stop shop for social media users, and Instagram is just one of the platforms on which it can deliver followers, likes and views. Their rates are on par with most companies operating in this space, and their followers are of good quality.

7. InstaPowerful

InstaPowerful sells followers, views, likes, and comments for Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok accounts, at costs that won’t break a budget. One drawback: you have to use email for customer support.

8. Social Viral

Like Stormlikes, Social Viral offers engagement services for other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Spotify. But their Instagram followers are reasonably priced, and they come from real accounts. They deliver promptly, although they’re not quite as fast as some competitors.


Your order for 100-10,000 Instagram followers begins arriving shortly after you click the “buy” button, and the following are all legitimate ones. What makes this service different is that says the interactions come from the “best audience” for your niche.

10. Qube Views

Qube Views can provide volume for Instagram users who want a fast, enormous boost in their follower count. They can supply as many as 50,000 real IG followers and deliver them within 24 hours or so. They also have a full replacement policy for any followers that drop off.

11. Fluidbuzz

Here’s the lowest-priced service on our list. Fluidbuzz’s inexpensive Instagram followers can be delivered instantly or spread out over time, and they offer the same options for customers who want to purchase IG likes.


By comparison, has been providing Instagram interactions for many years, and their quality hasn’t faltered. They charge reasonable prices for real Instagram followers and promise any followers who drop off of your account will be replaced for free.

13. FriendlyLikes

FriendlyLikes charges higher prices than most services, mostly because they cater to social media marketing agencies (who are accustomed to paying more. Small businesses and influencers can use their services as well, receiving quantities of high-quality Instagram followers quickly.

14. Kicksta

You can’t buy followers directly from Kicksta, but they have an interesting way of supplying them. You subscribe to their Instagram growth service (monthly fees start at $49) and they give you real IG likes – which they say leads to natural and organic follower growth. It may not be as satisfying an approach, but it seems to be effective.

15. LeoBoost

Expect to pay higher prices when you buy Instagram followers from LeoBoost, too, although the real followers they deliver are good ones that won’t drop off your account. They’re also able to supply Instagram comments, a service that most providers don’t offer.

16. Krootez

We’re not exactly sure what the “former real people accounts” that Krootez uses are, but the followers from those accounts still do the job, even though the company charges a bit more than most other competitors. Monthly recurring followers subscriptions are also available.

17. Trollishly

Trollishly provides engagements for several social media platforms, including likes and views for Instagram Reels. As for followers, they'll provide as many as 10,000 followers from legitimate accounts for prices a bit below the market average, with fast delivery.

18. PremLike

PremLike, like most of the providers we’ve listed here, also sells decently-priced Instagram follower packages that are delivered quickly. The followers are from real accounts, and you can add IG likes or views while you’re still on their website.

19. Stormlikes

Stormlikes is one of the most established social media providers online, providing Instagram followers (plus likes and views) from established users in addition to engagements for most other platforms. Delivery of their packages of up to 10,000 followers is fast and affordable.

20. BuzzVoice

There’s nothing that makes BuzzVoice stand out from the competition, but they provide quality Instagram followers at reasonable prices. If you’re on other platforms, they also service Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook users.

21. GoViral Prime

If you’re looking for more than just a few hundred or a few thousand real Instagram followers, GoViral Prime wants your business. They can provide as many as 20,000 followers with one order, still with quick delivery. You’ll pay higher prices, though.


It’s not quite “try before you buy,” but does offer 20 real Instagram followers for about $1 if you want to test their service before purchasing a larger package. One word of advice: you’ll learn more about a provider if you buy 50 or 100 followers for only a couple of dollars more.

23. Growthoid

They say they engage manually to supply real followers for your IG account, but they really operate much the way other services do, with a network of IG users who will follow you once you order. Growthoid is another monthly service that delivers the number of engagements they think is suitable for you.

24. Social Shaft

SocialShaft was built to service Instagram users who want to purchase likes, but they do have somewhat-expensive IG followers packages as well. For some reason, though, their delivery usually begins within 30 minutes instead of within minutes.

The Lowdown on Buying Instagram Followers

Want to give your Instagram account a boost? Purchasing followers can get you started. But don't just buy from anyone – all the vendors we recommend have a proven track record of providing real, high-quality followers with swift delivery and budget-friendly prices.

Keep in mind that buying followers is just the first step. To truly see your Instagram account thrive, you'll also want to consistently post engaging content, utilize Instagram stories and IGTV, and plan your posts in advance. As your follower count increases, so too will your social media presence and income.

Take the first step towards Instagram success by choosing one of the reputable vendors from our list.

Becoming Popular on Instagram Isn’t Easy

Are you tired of watching other accounts blow up on Instagram while your own account struggles to gain traction? The truth is, growing an account organically can be a slow and frustrating process. But there's a way to get ahead of the game, and buying followers can get you past first base.

When you purchase followers, it not only increases the number of eyes on your account, but also gives off the appearance of popularity, making it more likely for others to follow you. It also triggers the Instagram algorithm to show your posts to even more users, leading to even more organic growth.

Buying followers is just the first step, though. It will help you attract even more followers, and just as importantly, video views and likes – all of which will make both you and the IG algorithm happy. And keep generating regular, high-quality content for your new followers to view and like.

So, don't waste any more time watching other accounts succeed. Take control of your Instagram growth, and buy followers today.

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