Become a licensed child care provider – No one will do more important work.

1:27 PM, Mar 18, 2020
1:28 PM, Mar 18, 2020

Montana is experiencing a critical shortage in licensed child care. Across the state, approximately 25,000 Montana children do not have access to the high-quality, regulated child care they need. This affects everyone from new parents to grandparents raising their grandchildren to local businesses who aren’t able to find employees because those potential workers can’t find quality child care.

However, this challenge also creates an opportunity for parents who would like to stay home with their children, who have a passion for children and an interest in running a business out of their own home. Opening a licensed child care facility might seem like a daunting challenge but it doesn’t have to be; with a positive attitude and an assist from regional child care service organizations such as The Nurturing Center in Kalispell and Child Care Resources in Missoula, a successful in-home business can become a reality.

Both organizations are committed to supporting high-quality child care and assisting current and potential providers with a wide variety of services covering everything from applying for a new child care license, to reviewing potential insurance plans, to classroom and online training in a wide range of topics for provider’s professional development. The Nurturing Center and Child Care Resources are truly there every step of the way for licensed child care providers – from those just getting started to those who have been in business for decades. The center's experienced staff is always ready and willing to offer guidance and provide support to licensed providers.

Western Montana needs more licensed child care businesses from Hamilton to Missoula to Libby and everywhere in-between. If you have the drive to start your own business and the interest in shaping the lives of the youngest Montanans, The Nurturing Center and Child Care Resources have the expertise and resources to help you build your own high-quality child care business. Call 406-756-1414 in Kalispell or visit their website. In Missoula you can call 406-728-6446 or visit their website to learn more and find out all the ways these organizations can help you create a way to successfully work from your own home while helping your friends and neighbors ensure their children are getting high-quality care.

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