Missoula Marathon announces community donations

Missoula Marathon
Posted at 7:54 AM, Jun 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-24 10:00:21-04

MISSOULA — Even though runners won't hit the streets this week for the 14th annual Missoula Marathon, some community organizations will still benefit from the race.

Marathon officials gave registered racers four options when they announced the cancellation. One of those four options was to donate your registration fee to the race organizers.

Run Wild Missoula announced on Tuesday they would be donating $23,000.

The cross-country programs at Hellgate, Big Sky and Sentinel will each receive $1,000 while the Missoula Food Bank, Missoula Youth Homes and Opportunity Resources will each receive $5,000.

"Whether you live here in our community or you come from outside it's palpable how much the community is invested in Missoula," Missoula Marathon Race Director Tony Banovich said."

"Whether that's the Missoula Marathon or all the other things going on in Missoula. That's just representative of how much people gave back and how much they continue to support us, and why we've continued to get the awards that we receive," he added.

Run Wild Missoula will keep the other $5,000 for 2020 giving opportunities.