Winter tourism hits a high mark in Southwest Montana

Posted at 10:49 AM, Apr 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-13 12:49:07-04

BOZEMAN Record snowfall has led to a record ski season in Big Sky, which has led to a very positive effect on the area economy.

"I know that Bozeman for years has been known as seasonal type flights and a seasonal type area to come.  I think we’ve narrowed that gap now to not only the 5.2 million visitors in the summer, but our focus has really been on how we populate winter," said Daryl Schliem, President and CEO of the Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce.  

The Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce worked with both Bridger Bowl and Big Sky Resort to promote winter tourism.

This year, Big Sky Resort will pass 500,000 skiers. "We’ve just had a ton of people and I think we are going to continue that momentum into next year," said Public Relations Manager Chelsi Moy.

Another factor that may have played into the increase of tourism is that other ski resorts did not see a lot of snow this year, which Schliem believes will also continue the momentum into the 2019 ski season.

"One of the things that we have noticed all the way through is that once you have had the chance to be exposed to a new direct flight, a new ski hill, a new way to do something adventure you are likely to go back there again," said Schliem.  

It’s been more than just the ski hills that have felt the bump in tourism too.

"We’re encouraging you to use all the amenities and try all the different terrains that are here, so this is what has helped build our local economy here and help build our local economy here in Bozeman, Montana."

Bridger Bowl’s final weekend of skiing will be this weekend, and Big Sky’s will be on April 22.

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