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Seasonal Affective Disorder hits Northwest Montana

Posted at 9:21 AM, Mar 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-07 12:25:29-05

KALISPELL – Medical experts are warning of the negative effects that can come with Montana’s long winters.

Joe Tabler with Woodland Clinic in Kalispell told MTN News that the cold and cloudy weather can bring on winter depression in some.

Some of the symptoms include being overly lethargic, increase in carbohydrate intake and not wanting social interaction.

Tabler says clinicians see winter Seasonal Affective Disorder most prevalent from October to April, with up to 3% of the population in northern states — like Montana — affected.

Tabler says there are some ways you can improve your winter health.

“Phototherapy does help people with Seasonal Affective Disorder. So, if we’ve gone five days without any sun outside get yourself a photo lamp and sit under that for a number of hours each day and that will help you out.  But yes, getting active, exercise actually proves to help out Seasonal Affective Disorder as well,” Tabler said.

A popular over the counter option of treating the disorder is by using Vitamin D supplements. Tabler urges people to take caution though and to consult a physician first, as too much of it can be toxic.