Missoula Co. Sheriff’s Office holds annual awards banquet

Posted at 9:57 AM, Sep 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-21 14:12:04-04

MISSOULA – The Missoula County Sheriffs Office held their yearly awards banquet at Missoula jail on Thursday to honor the achievement of sheriffs deputies and other agencies that assist the Sheriff’s Office.

Awards are handed out for achievements from throughout the year such as saving a life, contributions to FBI task forces, contributions to running the detention facility and countless more.

Missoula County Sheriff TJ Mcdermott and Undersheriff Rich Marcelli were there to help had out awards. Sheriff McDermott says the event is important because its a brief time away from the office’s hectic schedule.

“As soon as this event wraps up they will be back on calls for service and responding to these events and it’s just a continual cycle so it’s nice to take a moment to let people know you care about them,” Missoula county sheriff TJ Sheriff McDermott said. 

“You care about the work they do and how important they are to our sheriff’s office and our community. Theres not a lot of thanks given to a lot of them especially the volunteers and we would be in a tough spot without them.,” Sheriff McDermott added.

BBQ was served at the event along with cake to help mark the day.