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Turnover at Fort Benton animal shelter stays steady during pandemic

Posted at 10:52 AM, Aug 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-30 12:52:30-04

The Dedman Animal Shelter in Fort Benton has experienced favorable adoption rates and retention periods in recent months, largely due to better engagement with the public.

Manager Nikki Jones explained how their social media presence has helped the shelter gain popularity. “Our shelter is getting more well-known," Jones said. "We’re coming into great falls. We’re doing more things. We’re more active on social media."

Thanks to the public’s attention, they’ve managed to balance their intakes with their adoptions. “We’ve had a steady amount of animals coming and going at the same time ... And our animals have not stayed long-term this year,” Jones said.

The shelter hosts clinics in towns like Great Falls because many potential adopters live in larger areas

“We come into Great Falls and do our adoption clinics here because there [are] more amount[s] of people. A lot of the people that adopt from us are actually from Great Falls. So it’s easier to bring the animals to the people than it is to bring the people to the animals,” Jones said.

Dedman’s most recent adoption clinic at Western Ranch Supply in Great Falls is just one example of the shelter’s willingness to bring animals and interested adopters together.

Although the shelter has been able to get many of their animals adopted, Jones said they are always in search of potential adopters.

Head to the shelter's website for more information.