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Tanner Saul

Montana This Morning Producer & Wildlife Reporter

What is your job?
I wake up early and produce Montana This Morning on KPAX and KAJ. I also produce a weekly wildlife segment for the Montana Television Network.

When did you start working here?
January of 2020

Where else have you worked?
I have spent most of my life working with wildlife doing research and management on large mammals. After completing my degree in Wildlife Biology at the University of Montana, I spent some time jumping out of helicopters to capture wildlife for research, disease testing and translocation. More recently I worked on large cat conservation in North America, South America, and Africa.

Where did you go to college?
University of Montana

Where did you grow up?
Montana has been home for the last 7 years where I spent most of my time outdoors enjoying the pristine landscapes this state has to offer. I moved to Montana from Southern California and gained a degree in wildlife biology from the University of Montana.

What are some of the biggest news stories you have covered?
Grizzly bear encounter viral video; Pronghorn running from a ghost

What is your philosophy on news?
I love that news can bring the raw evidence of compelling pieces that allow for viewers to be open minded and influential.

What do you love about living here?
Mornings, evenings, and weekends, I can be found playing ultimate frisbee, mountain biking, photographing wildlife, and hunting in the last best place.

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