Fall Clean Up

2:52 PM, Sep 09, 2020

It’s hard to watch summer slowly (or in some areas—quickly) fade away. As the evenings cool down and the mornings greet you with a touch of frost on the ground, many of us start putting away the summer toys with the anticipation of fall pursuits and winter recreation. Seasonal transitions are a good time for home maintenance. Now is the perfect time to tend to home and yard projects before the onset of fall and the upcoming winter months.

These simple tips will keep your investment in tip-top shape and ready for cooler weather:

1) Put away your summer tools and ensure snow blowers, snow shovels, salt, and sand are easily accessible.

2) Roll up your hoses and turn off your outside water. Reduce the risk of freezing water spigots (and flooded basements) by covering them with an insulated foam cover.

3) Blow-out your underground sprinklers.

4) Store your outdoor furniture, barbecue, and other unused patio items during the fall and winter months in a dry location or beneath waterproof covers.

5) Prep the garden for cooler weather by adding a layer of mulch to protect sensitive plants. Harvest the remainder of summer crops.

6) Clean out your gutters. You’ll be happy you did this in the spring when the ice starts to melt off your roof.

7) Ensure your heating unit works properly. Even better, get a once-over from a reliable HVAC company. Make sure to call early for an appointment as reputable HVAC companies book up quickly for fall maintenance.

8) Update the programing on your thermostat in anticipation of cooler weather. Energy efficient settings save time and money by running only when you are home and/or lowering the household temperature at night.

Taking time for maintenance will ensure your home is safe and comfortable for the colder months ahead. Preparing now will save you time and money, giving you the freedom to get back outdoors and enjoy the change of seasons in Big Sky Country.

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