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Cabin fever days were back for the 43rd year in Martin City

barstool races
Posted at 4:41 PM, Feb 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-14 15:22:22-05

MARTIN CITY — Cabin Fever Days and the Barstool Races are back in Martin City for the 43rd year after a one-year hiatus last year due to COVID.

Every bar in Martin City holds events throughout the weekend to raise money for the community. The events range from bands to arm wrestling and leg wrestling to a mountain man competition. However, the Barstool Races draw the biggest crowd.

“It was just a fluke how it started. Some guys were drinking and they thought the only way this guy's gonna go down a ski hill is put some skis on his barstool. So, they did. And over the years, we have raised a very generous amount of money for our community," said Holly Heffernan, Trap Line Association Head of Sales and Marketing.

With events like this coming back, people are excited to attend and raise money for their community.

“I think they're just gonna be—it's gonna be a turnout. There's gonna be a lot of people, a lot of people are happy to see it,” said Heffernan.

Carson Averill and Rob Clagett are participating in the races for the first time this year but have been long-time spectators.

“No better time than the present. Just decided this was the year to go for it. I watched it for so long. Finally got a team together, some people that wanted to participate and the cabin fever been settling in. So through this be a good way to get rid of it,” said Averill.

There are around 50 registered racers this year. Winners of the three different classes have the chance to win a portion of the $1,400 pot. There is a sledding section before the races for kids of all ages.

“I'd say community kind of sums up a lot of what we the shenanigans that go on. You know, it's a small, small town. So to see all this come out of you know, tiny little spot Martin City, everybody coming together to hang out. It's just great to see people come out, enjoy the day, enjoy Montana,” said Averill.