A Waiting Child: Teen looking for loving, trusting home

Posted at 10:48 AM, Oct 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-22 12:32:25-04

BUTTE – Jon Follet is an active 13-year-old with a wide variety of interests. He’s also looking for a loving and trusting home.

“I like to play basketball and doing games,” said Follet. “I also like climbing stuff.”

“Jon is a great kid, he loves to play video games and really active, he just needs a family that loves him and cares about him and wants what’s best for him,” said is sponsor Stacie Miller.

Jon has been in the foster system for a long time and is looking for parents that he can love and trust.

“[Someone] who allows me to go to powwows, who lets me have my own stuff, like my game and I’d like to trust them.”

His sponsor believes a two-parent household that can give him one-on-one attention would be perfect.

“He needs that one-on-one attention from a loving parent who can pay attention to the signs that he gives because sometimes he doesn’t express himself when he’s struggling and so they need to cue into that,” Miller said.

And Jon says he can give that same respect back to a loving family, “I’m kind, respectful and very nice to people.”

You can contact the Montana Department of Health and Human Services for information about adoption and/or fostering at 1-866-9FOSTER (1-866-936-7837)

-John Emeigh reporting for MTN News