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Miles City officials want to put firefighters and police under the same roof

Posted at 10:50 AM, May 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-19 12:51:49-04

MILES CITY – The Miles City Fire Department is planning the construction of a new building that would house firefighters, police, and EMS.

Firefighters have been operating out of temporary trailers since January after the fire station was deemed structurally unsafe.

Even longer, the Miles City Police Department hasn’t had a home in about a half century.

“Since the 60’s we’ve had these problems with the police and fire department. It’s time to fix it,” said Miles City Fire Chief Branden Stevens. 

Stevens said, the plan is to combine the police and fire departments together in one building. This would finally allow the Miles City Police Department to have a permanent home.

“Our police department doesn’t have a home. They’ve been bouncing around for the last 50 or 60 years, so to speak, staying on their buddy’s couch. Right now they are parked at the Veterans Administration, and it’s not suitable for long term use.”

Stevens said it makes sense for the community to only have to pay for one building.

Right now, the department is in the planning stage. Preliminary architectural plans are being drawn up to explore all building options. But Stevens said the department would like to stay right where it is.

“Our location right now is ideal for fire and EMS response. I think it would be really good for the community to have police, fire, EMS all under one building.”

Once the architectural plans are complete and all options are explored, the department will hold a meeting to get the public’s input on the new plan.

 “Let’s look at everything else so we know that these other options aren’t the option,” Stevens said. “We’re here to serve the public. We want to get their input. We want to see what they would like for their fire department.

The Miles City Fire Department doesn’t yet have a date pinned down for that public meeting. However, the chief said the new station is expected to be finished by late 2021.

– Mitch Lagge reporting for MTN News