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Red Lodge residents excited about first significant snow of the season

Posted at 10:22 AM, Oct 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-12 12:23:26-04

RED LODGE — The first snow of the season hit many parts of Montana, including Red Lodge.

Some are clinging to the last remnants of summer while others are embracing the cold weather.

When asked about the snow, Donna Mae, a Red Lodge resident had this to say, “I really love it, I'm excited, I'm ready for this.”

Locals say that those who live in Red Lodge are always prepared for winter, but you still have to wonder where it came from.

“A week ago, it was 80º so I'm just trying to acclimate,” said Meredith, a Red Lodge resident.

“I’m a little bit more excited than I usually am but I'm enjoying it. It was fall yesterday and winter today,” said Sarah, another Red Lodge resident.

Summer is Red Lodge’s busiest season, but winter still brings tourists to town with skiing only a few minutes away.

The snow provides people different ways to enjoy this outdoor community, and everyone has their favorite way to enjoy it.

“Skiing and it gets busy in town,” said Mae.

“I just like the peacefulness of it. Just watching the snowfall out the window and just observing and enjoying,” said Sarah.

“Just all the snow sports that we have here,” said Kristen, a Red Lodge resident.

Whether you want it to or not the first snow of the season makes it clear that winter is coming.