A Waiting Child: Kolten

Posted at 8:29 AM, Dec 10, 2018
and last updated 2019-03-11 11:59:30-04

HAMILTON – This month’s A Waiting Child is 13-year-old Kolten of Hamilton who loves the Denver Broncos and basketball.

“I am Kolten I like to play sports. I’ve always wanted to play basketball cause I think it’s fun and it’s interesting to play.,” the eighth-grade student told MTN News.

Linda Massa Youth Home Program Director Anna Green said she has very much enjoyed getting to know him. She describes Kolten as a quirky kid who loves his friends, his sports and the Denver Broncos.

“Kolten needs a group of people or a family or an individual that’s active, that’s willing to let him play sports, that’s going to go support him in those sports,” Green said.

“He played football. He’s in basketball. He’s going to be in wrestling. He was in taekwondo. He’s an active kid and actually, I think activity is part of what kept him going and feeling positive about his plan and where he’s at in life,” she continued.

“I think he also needs people that are patient and willing to learn. Because I think any kid who has lived in the foster care system needs support in learning how to be patented,” Green said.

Kolten said he would love nothing more than to have siblings and a family that loves the outdoors.

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