Bitterroot moms learn handgun safety

Posted at 9:30 PM, May 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-13 09:25:48-04

While some mom’s like to get out and run, some like to stay in and spend time with family — and some spend Mother’s Day learning a new skill.

Teri Albrecht, a paramedic and mom of a 23 and 27-year-old, decided to treat herself this year and spent the day at a shooting range in Hamilton, taking a ladies only handgun class.

She said she’s wanted to brush up on her skills for a while, and finally built up the courage this year.

“It’s my Mother’s Day present to myself. I think for the last seven years I’ve worked on Mother’s Day, so I took it off and was like I’m doing this,” said Albrecht, who added she feels more confident in her skills now.

The Mother’s Day course intended to be low-stress without the competitiveness and machismo of a co-ed course.

Fifteen moms attended this year with one even coming from Boise — seven hours away.

Training Director Greg McWhirter said women take the course for many different reasons. Some want a new hobby, and some want to have defense against wildlife when they go hiking.

“From what they’ve told me it’s a lot of wanting to learn. Sometimes us husbands can be distracting, and it’s something that they come out they learn something fresh from an unbiased instructor who just wants to teach them something and teach them safely.”

The course spread out over two days and every mom that took the course qualified for a concealed carry weapons permit by the end.