Long road to recovery continues for Mission Valley woman hurt in crash

Posted at 11:11 AM, Nov 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-01 13:11:27-04

SEATTLE – She nearly died in one of the summer’s worst accidents in the Mission Valley.

But Mary Ouellette of Polson is showing us how hope and the support of her husband have been a big part of her road to recovery.

Ouellette was lying in bed with her legs wrapped in bandages, but Dr. Daphne Beingessner says they knew they could fix her.

Now, nearly a dozen surgeries later, Ouellette is finally out of bed and back on her feet at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

“You come here and have the care. Not only the quality of care, the personal care, tenderness — they’re all just sweet,” Ouellette said.

As she takes recovery at her own pace each milestone takes Ouellette closer to going back to work, back to spending time with family and back to enjoying life with Gerry on her own two, bandage-free legs.

“I think I can get well. I can do it,” said Ouellette who remains in satisfactory condition at Harborview.

She still has a lot of rehab ahead of her, but the Polson community is rallying behind Ouellette,  raising nearly $24,000 online to help offset medical costs.

-Katie Chen, University of Washington Medicine