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10 Best Christmas Inflatables You Can Get At Amazon Or Walmart

10 Best Christmas Inflatables You Can Get At Amazon Or Walmart
Posted at 11:30 AM, Dec 05, 2022

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To truly deck the halls this holiday season, you can’t forget your yard. And one of the quickest ways to decorate is by using awesome Christmas inflatables.

You can go classic with Santa, a snowman or a Nativity scene. Or mix it up with some more off-the-wall choices like Cousin Eddie’s RV from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” and a giant dinosaur wearing a snow hat.

Here are 10 ideas for great Christmas inflatables you can find on Amazon and Walmart right now.

Nifti Nest Christmas Inflatable With Season’s Sled, Snowman, Cute Puppy ($52.99)


Nifty Nest’s delightful Christmas inflatable of a snowman being pulled on a dog-driven sled is $52.99 at Walmart. The 8-foot by 4.75-foot blow-up has 4.9 out of 5 stars from more than 100 seller reviews.

A few reviewers said they needed to support the inflatable with more stakes and hooks that were stronger, but overall customers loved how this piece of holiday decor looked in their yards and noted it was easy to set up.

Melliful 8-Foot Lighted Christmas Inflatables Archway With Santa Claus And Snowman ($64.99)


The Mellifull Christmas inflatable archway is $64.99 at Walmart. It’s 8 feet tall and flanked by Santa and a snowman. This blow-up comes with a 10-foot extension cord, ground stakes and a fixed rope. Once it plugs in, it inflates in about a minute.

This item has a five-star rating out of around 50 reviews.

One Walmart reviewer using the name Mom of Boys said the archway gave her the “most bang for your buck in one singular decoration piece, pictures don’t even do it justice.” The user noted, “It was a hit amongst the neighborhood and our little ones and a heck of a way to enter our home each day leading up to Christmas. Highly recommend.”

BestParty 6-Foot LED Light Jesus Family Christmas Yard Inflatable ($49.99)


BestParty LED’s inflatable of baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph sells on for $49.99. The blowup comes with a water bag, stakes and tether ropes to keep it in the ground.

The item doesn’t yet have a lot of ratings but has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating from the reviews it does have. A few Walmart reviewers mentioned that they wished there was a way to keep Mary and Joseph tied together because when it’s windy they bend away from each other.

“These figures are colorful and a bit larger than real people. We have a small front porch and they fit perfectly,” reviewer Sandra G. Pepper, who loved the item, wrote. “Really cute! I was delighted to find something Biblical for Christmas. Also they were really easy to handle and the fabric seems sturdy even though it is lightweight.”

Occasions 6-Foot Inflatable Snowmen Ice Fishing Christmas Yard Decoration ($49.99)

If you live in a really cold area, love to fish, or are just dreaming of a white and chilly Christmas, the Occasions 6-foot inflatable of snowmen ice fishing ($49.99 at Walmart) will delight you. The brand describes the scene as two snowmen ” having a great time, but it’s so cold out that a fish is already frozen solid.”

With almost 60 reviews, this Christmas inflatables set has 4.9 out of 5 stars.

“Super festive! The perfect addition to our Christmas blow-up display,” Walmart reviewer Jessiepooh wrote. “The lights are bright, and the little fish are cute. The ice cube is soft plastic that needs (to be) de-wrinkled, but after an hour it already looks smoother.”

Nifti Nest 6-Foot Pirate Santa Christmas Yard Inflatable ($59.99)


“Arrr you ready for Christmas?” this easy-to-set-up Santa pirate inflatable seems to be saying. The Nifti Nest set costs $59.99 at Walmart and has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating from around 60 reviewers.

Walmart reviewer Lisa said, “This is so cute, and I’m happy to have it as an addition to my Christmas yard decorations.” She and a few other reviewers said the mast can flop over especially in high winds, but Lisa propped it against a fence as a fix. Other customers used binder clips or ties to keep various parts up and visible.

5-Foot Inflatable Snowman With Rotating LED Lights ($31.34)


What’s a more classic Christmas inflatable for your yard than a snowman? Logkern’s 5-foot one comes with multi-colored lights that dance around its base. It sells on Amazon right now for $32.99 and would be an especially great pick for people that live in warmer climates where real snow people aren’t possible. To keep this colorful snowman in place, you can either put sandbags or water bags in the snowman’s zip-up bottom or stake it down.

This Christmas inflatable currently costs just $31.34 thanks to a 25% discount and a coupon you can click on its Amazon page for an additional 5% discount. It has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating from more than 1,100 reviewers, who like its simplicity, durability and the way the lights move.

“It’s extremely simple to set up just plug and play and your good to go!” wrote Amazon reviewer Alan.

Joiedomi 6-Foot Christmas Inflatable Gingerbread Man in Hot Cocoa ($45.99)


Two gingerbread men keep themselves cozy in and around this lighted hot cocoa cup inflatable from Joiedomi, which sells on Amazon right now for $45.99.

This has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Amazon from more than 570 reviewers. One said that she won her neighborhood HOA decorating contest with the cocoa cup gingerbread men.

“This one stood out from everyone else and we easily themed the rest of the decor around this piece,” Tiffany Johnson wrote. “It rained a lot in my area for the whole two months I had this up and the motor never shorted or had any issues. We also get high wind in my area and the stakes were pretty sufficient. I did however put a large rock on top of each stakes just because I was super paranoid about the wind taking it away.”

BZB Goods 9-Foot Christmas Inflatable Fun Trio Slide Scene ($119.99)


This adorable, 9-foot Christmas inflatable with a polar bear, penguin and reindeer sliding down a snowy hill costs $119.99 on Amazon. It has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating from more than 160 reviewers.

Not only could this look good on your lawn, it might elevate your holiday decor style if you put it on the roof, as one reviewer did.

“Holy wow!!!!! We bought it to use in the yard, but when we saw how perfect it would look on the roof over the garage, we just had to,” wrote The FOARD. “We sure were the envy of the neighborhood and it did not look tacky.”

Hoojo 7-Foot Christmas Inflatable Penguins With Snowman ($36)


Although penguins only live in the Southern Hemisphere and nowhere near the North Pole, we still love seeing them in Christmas inflatables. Watch this one in action as he either puts the finishing touch on his snowman or “borrows” its head with this fun Christmas inflatable from Hoojo. This one is 7 feet tall with color-changing lights in the snowman’s body.

It sells for $52.99 on Amazon at the moment, but you can apply a $17 coupon to bring the cost down to just $35.99 — a good deal! It has 4.4 out of 5 stars with almost 560 buyers weighing in. A few reviewers mentioned that this stayed more stable when they used longer additional stakes.

“Neighborhood loved it!!!,” said Amazon reviewer Rita B. “It was funny. The men said the penguin was stealing the head. The women said the penguin was helping to build the snow man!!!”

Gemmy Christmas Inflatable 12-Foot Abominable Snowman ($169.99)


Coming at 12 feet tall, Bumble, the Abominable Snowmonster of the North from the cartoon “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” will guard your yard nicely. The Gemmy Christmas inflatable costs $169.99 right now and is highly rated at 4.6 stars out of more than 500 ratings.

Some Amazon reviewers suggested adding a plank  or adding more stakes to help keep this giant grounded. But most raved that it had a strong fan and was eye-catching in their neighborhood. You can also buy Gemmy Christmas inflatables from the TV special to create a whole scene, including the misfit toys and Rudolph himself.

If you’re looking for another popular Christmas cartoon character, a well-rated Grinch and his dog Max inflatable is available for $194.99 on Amazon.

Which will you pick to decorate your yard?

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