3-ingredient Kool-Aid Ice Cream Is A Fun And Easy Summer Treat

3-ingredient Kool-Aid Ice Cream Is A Fun And Easy Summer Treat
Posted at 9:25 AM, Jun 03, 2020
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Homemade ice cream is a delicious summer treat. Making it, though, can be a hassle. Usually, you need a variety of ingredients and some sort of ice cream maker to get the job done.

Of course, you can check out some of the easy, no-fuss recipes for ice cream that do not require any kind of kitchen gadget. But, we’re loving a fun food trend going around social media right now that combines the best of two summer tastes: ice cream and Kool-Aid!

Can’t you just remember mom or grandma pouring you a glass of your favorite flavored Kool-Aid on a hot summer day? Now, instead of sipping it, you can scoop it out for you and your entire family. And your flavor combinations are only limited to your imagination! (Personal tip: I love combining grape and lemonade!)

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Making Kool-Aid ice cream and sherbet takes a little time, but most of the recipes we found online only require a few pantry staples.

Passion for Savings’ Easy Kool-Aid Ice Cream, for example, has only three ingredients. No ice cream maker is necessary here. For equipment, you’ll only need a blender, a hand whisk, and your freezer to whip up this dessert!

Instagrammer @my_life_in_snapshotz shared her recipe for Kool-Aid sherbet and it almost looks too pretty to eat.

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Kids activity yesterday. @koolaid sherbet Yes off pinterest 😍👍 Was easy as and a good way to ise koolaid the kids got for easter from @usafoods noone are fussed on drinking it apart from pink lemonade and grape. We have been looking up different ways to use it and foumd some great things on pinterest like lip balm, playdoh, candy dots, edible slime. Recipe is…. 2 cups soda preferably same flavour as koolaid (we just used sprit) 1 can condensed milk 1 packet koolaid ( i did add some extra color to the pink lemonade) Mix til smooth freeze for 2 hours blend/whisk then freeze over night. #koolaid #koolaidman #koolaidmemes #koolaidsherbet #koolaidicecream #pinterest #koolaidcrafts #usafoods #moorabbin #pinkleminade #grapesoda

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Instead of regular milk and sugar, this recipe uses condensed milk and Sprite to create flavor and texture. The recipe was so simple, the kids helped blend up the ingredients.

Both of these recipes do call for at least two periods of extended freezing with a blend or whisk in between each session. This is to help preserve the creaminess of the dessert and reduce ice crystals.

Jessica from the Butter with a Side of Bread website said her Easy Kool-Aid Sherbet recipe is one of her kids’ top picks because they each get to choose and make their favorite flavor. And, we can’t get over how stunning these scoops look on Instagram!

If you don’t have a few of those Kool-Aid packets sitting in your pantry, it’s time to make a quick trip to the store to stock up for this irresistible treat. You’re going to want them on hand this summer!

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